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Group foursome four swing


Victor Dubuisson looks on as Graeme McDowell plays. Some say similar games help, so your clubbing will be the same and you can both discuss shots from a similar perspective; other say very different games help so if youre not particularly long and your partner is, you can work out a good overall. Despite this, there is an unwritten rule that the best foursomes partners never say sorry to each other, accepting that we all have our frailties and cant be expected to deliver on every shot!

Making a 10 on a hole with two lost balls is demoralizing, but if you're playing another type of format, it's just one hole. We sum up the differences between greensomes and foursomes. If the wolf decides beforehand to go lone wolf before seeing any of the other players' shots, it's called lone wolf, and the bet is quadrupled.

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