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Mature granny mother grandma


He absolutely refused to say gramma-at first i was ger, than i was der, now i am officially called dear. Bubba/Gigi : My husband's family (who are of Polish/Ukrainian descent) call their paternal grandmother, Bubba, and their paternal grandfather, Gigi (pronounced somewhere between Gee-Gee and Zhi-Zhi). To this day my mother in law introduces herself to everyone as CeCe (It came from her initials.) Cesha (Sesha) : My maternal grandmother's first name is Ceshlova (seshlava) but all her friends call her Jessie.

We loved the alternative and God Bless her Soul she is remembered by 9 grandchildren with this name. Nana: I don't know why I call both my grandma's this but I think it was because they didn't want to sound too old.

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